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Just Visit the White House, OK?

Community Support
Community Support
July 10, 2019
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Look, just visit the White House, ok. Not everyone is going to like every single president we elect. But when you're invited to the White House to meet with any president after an impressive feat, like winning the Super Bowl or the NBA Championship or the World Cup or WHATEVER...just go. Why? Because we live in a country where still, we as citizens have the opportunity to redress our grievances with the government.If you think the leader of the free world is being childish, do you think being childish in return will change that? We, as Americans, can talk to the theoretically most powerful person on the planet and tell them:

"Hey, you're being a fukhead and we don't really like it, here's how you should fix it."

So why wouldn't you? Is it because you're just around to bitch and garner attention? Do you complain with no alternate solution in mind? C'mon dudes?Granted, they don't HAVE to take your advice, but honestly, if you're SO mad at someone and the offer you an opportunity to sit down and talk with them and your only excuse for not wanting to have that dialogue is that you don't agree with what they stand for, then you obviously don't know how adults interact.It's not even about a political party either, we've seen it on both sides of the two-party coin. Someone has an opportunity to tell the leader of the free world, whoever it is, that there is a problem and they have an idea on how to fix it. It really is just that simple.So like we said. just visit the White House. You've got a bitch or complaint, here's a productive, proactive way of fixing it, talk to the person. Then if they don't listen or blow you off, then at least you can say:

"Hey, I tried, he/she is a dick and wouldn't listen to anything I had to say."

If they don't listen then hey, guess what, you've got even more reason to talk shit, which we all know celebrities like to do.

"My elected representative blew me off, fuk dat gui."

If we got the chance, we'd talk to every single president ever, even the ones we don't like because there is always something both sides can learn. But nooooo, we want to be children about this shit. It's quite possibly the dumbest protest ever, which as an American you're free to do, but you're still dumb. How do we expect anything to change if you don't even have the courage to face that which you hate?

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