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Leader vs. Manager

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Community Support
May 23, 2017
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Congratulations, you got a promotion! You’re now in charge of a team. Now it’s time to show the world just how great your team is going to be. As a leader, you’re going to encounter several different types of functions and scenarios. What you do with them will determine your worth. So, are you going to be just another manager? Let's find out.


This is how your team works and functions internally and externally with other departments.A good manager will make sure that the current processes are always maintained and done to the standard. Managers believe someone much smarter than them put those processes into place and it’s their job to make sure not to question the process, but make sure it gets done.A good leader understands why something is done the way is done. With that understanding, a good leader will try to improve it.


A manager loves paperwork and more processes; the more the better. It’s a great way to grade people on their job performance by judging them on how accurate their paperwork is.A good leader despises unneeded bureaucracy, but respects the need for it at times in small doses. [caption id="attachment_11801" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]

Are you simply pointing the way, or helping your team get there?[/caption]

Office Politics:

A manager likes the internal political power system. A good leader is the red headed step child who doesn’t want to even be in the same room when people are slandering each other.

A good job done...

To a manager is when we all worked hard regardless of the results.To a good leader is when the mission was accomplished regardless of how hard we worked.A manager maintains status quo.A good manager gets the job done under the status quo.A good leader makes it better.

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