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Marines and Sailors Drink All of the Booze

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
October 29, 2018
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Literally. While it has been said that the peoples of Nordic lands are hearty drinkers who would put most Americans to shame, the United States Marine Corps and Navy proved to be the exception to the rule as the entire capital city of Iceland ran out of alcohol. No this isn't satire, this is 100% proof that if you challenge the United States military in war or in drinking, you will be put to shame.The truly surprising factoid coming out of this city-wide binge drinking operation is that no Marines or sailors were arrested. Well...the Icelandic people aren't reporting anything, but we wonder how crazy you have to get to have the people that descended from Viking Berserkers tell you that you need to tone it down a few notches.We're curious if they even were able to get drunk if no debaucherous activity took place. We're not saying that Marines or sailors do debaucherous things when they drink, but we'll say that we've been to a few Marine Corps birthday balls...and maybe in one of them we maybe were asked to not return to Las Vegas, but that's all hearsay and we can neither confirm nor deny what may or may not have taken place.The Marines and sailors had just taken part in the NATO exercise Trident Juncture, which almost certainly was an exercise aimed at stopping any Russian aggression in the area. What better way to celebrate stopping simulated Russian aggression than by getting absolutely schlitzted at the nearest bar when you make a port call? We submit there is no better way, and we'd also like to congratulate those Marines and sailors for their part in earning the respect and admiration of those hearty Nordic drinkers, the descendants of Viking berserkers and such.We ran into a similar issue once in Laughlin, Nevada as well in 2006 but that my friends, is an entirely different story with very similar circumstances as far as the running out of alcohol situation goes.

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