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CEOs Advocate for Gun Control

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
September 12, 2019
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Well. In case you want to read the letter and find out who signed it, you can click right HERE (click on 'here'). The letter makes emotional plea after emotional plea begging for the Senate to act in the name of safety for the country and their business interests.The letter (which you can obviously read if you click on the link provided) states unequivocally what they want. They don't beat any bushes or hem and haw. They named what they want. Here it is a direct quote from the letter in case you're too lazy to read the entire one page and one sentence length letter.

"That s why we urge the Senate to stand with the American public and take action on gunsafety by passing a bill to require background checks on all gun sales and a strong RedFlag law that would allow courts to issue life-saving extreme risk protection orders"

Boom. Right there. Fifth paragraph in, for everyone and their grandma to see.In the opinion of this writer and this writer alone, any attempt or support of Red Flag laws is not only a slap in the face of the 2nd Amendment but the 4th and 5th Amendments as well. It totally disregards the inherent freedom and liberty that all men and women ought to have and instead places safety above all else.Safety...something that sounds nice on the surface, but that truly never can be achieved. It should be obvious that even as safe as we are at any given moment, that "safety" is not eternal. It is fleeting and subject to many seemingly inconsequential variables that occur throughout the day. Safety is the key buzzword to an instant gratification mindset. When a bill is signed and a law is passed, someone will say "You are safe now," although...either nothing has changed or you've become a prisoner to your safety, but the masses are satisfied.Liberty, on the other hand, is dangerous, but it is worth it.Also, just remember, the names of the people on that list...they probably have paid bodyguards and have no issue with being surrounded by guns, it's all of us 'damn peasants' they don't want armed...P.S. We think you should be able to have a tank or a fighter jet...or even your own warship, as expressed by the Constitution (Article 1, Section 8)

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