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Mattis Warns Iran of Consequences

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Active Military
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Veteran News
September 25, 2018
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So as we reported on earlier, Iran was the victim of a terror attack. They believe that the attack was supported by people friendly to the United States. They have since vowed to retaliate for this attack. We totally get it, if a guy from Canada attacked us, killed our military members in an ambush, we'd totally bomb Russia for it. Right? Exactly. However, their retaliatory words drew the ire of the last guy they should draw the ire of, Secretary of Defense James Mattis.As quickly as they promised retribution for the attacks and assigned blame to the United States, Lord of War and creator of death and destruction the world over, Secretary of Defense James Mattis said and we quote,

"We've been very clear, they shouldn't take us on like that."

That is just polite former general, political speak that roughly translates into "We will kill, literally all of you, seriously no matter what you do, we will totally without hesitation kill every last one of you and put you back into the stone age where your Sharia Law and the human rights violations you commit belong."Iran has yet to respond to Mattis because well, quite honestly would you? You wouldn't and neither will Iran, well, actually they may try something, they've proven to be quite dumb before and we've tolerated their behavior long enough. It's only a matter of time before one of their privates or PFCs (whatever their equivalents are) gets all jittery and pops a round off at an American. Thus being remembered in history as the one guy who got his entire country wrecked by Mattis.[caption id="attachment_18720" align="alignnone" width="750"]


Soon to be glass parking lot of Tehran if they keep talking shit to Chaos Actual.[/caption]Make no mistake, if we were responsible for the attack on Iran, we'd probably admit it and nobody would be surprised. They've been doing shady shit for almost 40 years. This is just the chickens coming home to roost and we'd love to see a few more verbal exchanges from Mattis to the nation of Iran before he turns their country into a big glass parking lot.

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