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Nathan Hale: One Life to Give for His Country

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May 18, 2018
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We are particularly big fans of any Revolutionary War hero, to be at such disadvantage and yet still to carry the victory. One such hero who's defiance and patriotism still inspire us today is one Nathan Hale. As an officer, Captain Nathan Hale commanded a company of volunteers from Connecticut and was loved by all of his men. The truest mark of a leader is one who has earned the absolute trust of the men he leads. Nathan Hale's men trusted him as their confidant and paymaster. He dolled out rations and supplies for the men and organized activities to maintain morale...if ever there were a captain who was in it for his men, it was Nathan Hale.Washington was lucky to have him. As Washington needed spies to infiltrate the British lines, all thought the work dishonorable or too dangerous. They would do anything, act in any role except that of a spy. However, Nathan Hale, despite being sick, rose to the occasion. He was willing and able, brilliant and brave and he accepted the duty knowing the gravity of its outcome.Upon arrival in New York, Hale made friend with the enemy, masquerading as a schoolmaster looking for work. Not a far-fetched role for the former professor and Yale graduate. He was after-all incredibly well-educated and too affable to turn away. Round and round he went to the differing posts of the Redcoats, gathering intel all during his travels.

Nathan Hale

After a night at a Tory tavern nearby, Hale was found out by the owner and they sprung a trap for him. Hale was captured before he was able to deliver the intelligence to Washington.Brough before General Howe, he boldly proclaimed his identity as an American officer, fearlessly he stared down the general. Without hesitation, General Howe condemned him to die, with no trial.The British treated him harshly, not allowing him even the Bible he requested, nor allowed him to write a farewell to his mother and love. One officer finally afforded him the chance and he set to writing, all for naught though, his correspondence was intercepted by the provost and torn asunder while the provost stated: "Rebels should never know they had a man who could die so bravely.”

Nathan Hale

Upon that he was lead to an apple tree where he was hung. Before the noose ended his days on this Earth, deliberately and calmly Nathan Hale said, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”In the face of danger, all alone, captured, sentenced to die, he remained loyal and true to his country. Remained true to who he was. We should all follow in Nathan Hale's steps.Read more stories of American Grit:




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