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National K-9 Veterans Day: Celebrating K-9 Heroes

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
March 13, 2018
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What more could we ask of our K-9 warriors? The truth is probably a lot more and somehow they'd achieve it while being as steadfast and adorable as ever. Today is National K-9 Veterans Day and they've certainly earned it. K-9 Veterans have saved countless lives and been best friends during the horrors of war. Movie after movie, story after story is told of the brave K-9's who go to war. Every single time we're still amazed by the commitment and love shared between the K-9 and the handler. We recently wrote a story about Josh Ashley who's K-9, Sirius, was adopted by Josh's mother after Josh had been killed in action. Sirius was there, his best friend gone, but now in the loving home of his handler to live out his days in peace.

National K-9 Veterans Day

While we can volunteer, these dogs don't have that choice. They are plucked and selected for their skills in any number of fields, and they are paired with who they are paired with. There is no choice on their behalf, but they still choose to love and serve as our faithful friends, sometimes even to the very end.A K-9 veterans life is very simple we imagine. After war, loss, and devastation, we can't think of a better thing to give the K-9 veterans than a treat and a safe loving home away from the violence...although as always the protective nature in these amazing animals will always be vigilant and guard their newfound family, their new pack.

National K-9 Veterans Day

If you're one of the lucky few to know a K-9 veteran, give them all of the bacon and treats they can stand for today and let them up on the couch for once. After all, haven't they earned a little bit of pampering after all they've done?

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