navy seals to open to women
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Navy SEALs to Open to Women

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 19, 2015
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Navy SEALs to Open to Women

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navy seals to open to women

Photo courtesy of U.S. Southern Command[/caption]With the news today that two women have successfully completed the Army's Ranger School it did not take long for more news of big changes to hit the airwaves. From Naval Special Warfare Command today, the Navy SEAL's will be opening their ranks to women. From The Navy Times:The Navy is planning to open its elite SEAL teams to women who can pass the grueling training regimen, the service's top officer said Tuesday in an exclusive interview.Adm. Jon Greenert said he and the head of Naval Special Warfare Command, Rear Adm. Brian Losey, believe that if women can pass the legendary six-month Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, they should be allowed to serve.


"Why shouldn't anybody who can meet these [standards] be accepted? And the answer is, there is no reason," Greenert said Tuesday in an exclusive interview with Navy Times' sister publication Defense News. "So we're on a track to say, 'Hey look, anybody who can meet the gender non-specific standards, then you can become a SEAL.'"Read the rest at Navy Times.[mwi-cat-listing cat="94" ppp="4" cols="4" desc="false" type="view" btn_color="black" ]

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