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New Jersey State Police: Door-to-Door Enforcement Not Off the Table

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December 11, 2018
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New Jersey...whether it's the Jersey Shore making us all cringe as we rage against social media chanting "Stop making stupid people famous," or the law signed this past summer straight up outlawing magazines that hold more than 10 rounds is now in effect which in turn makes us chant "Stop electing stupid people," we can say that New Jersey is a weird and wacky place. Especially if they go ahead with door to door enforcement.The law is special in that it doesn't grandfather people who own magazines holding more than ten rounds in. No, it retroactively makes all of these owners felons. Someone this one time said something about how the more laws you make, the more criminals you create...well New Jersey just made a shitload of new criminals and it has left the New Jersey State Police with a decision. The decision is whether or not they are going to go door to door to confiscate the property of these men and women who before today, were normal average law-abiding citizens.Really quick, New Jersey, just wondering if you've seen what unarmed people who are upset over their government going too far are doing in France. Did you guys see that? No? You might want to tune it because despite not knowing many people from New Jersey, we know a few. They are not...timid people who go down without a fight and you're going to try to go door to door and take something of theirs by force?We're just going to sit back, relax and watch what is sure to be a shitshow if they plan to go through with door to door enforcement.We already have an idea of how it will end.Bad. It will end badly. For probably every single person involved on both sides.To us, we see this law as a way where the state of New Jersey can say that they give zero f***s about both the people and the police.Great job New Jersey, there is no way this will backfire in any way shape or form (said nobody f***ing ever)

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