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New Weapon Designed: Smokin' Drones

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
July 17, 2018
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We may not have flying cars or instant teleportation or hoverboards like we were promised by the scientific community, but, we do have a cool new weapon designed to take out those pesky drones that keep trying to give us a bad haircut. We swear the pilots think they are Maverick and our heads are the tower he constantly buzzes.For quite some time the United States was the sole owner of advanced drone technology. We didn't have to worry about other nations utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles to collect intel or do any other dastardly deeds. As with all things, Pandora's box was opened though and once someone figured it out, others would not be far behind. So the question came, how do front-line troops not usually equipped with anything other than the standard service rifle or mounted machine guns take out drones utilized by the enemy?Shooting down a drone with a machine gun or service rifle can be quite difficult. They are usually small and quite nimble and the ammunition expended may leave troops depleted, if they even accomplish the feat of nailing one of these drones. Not a great solution.However, IXI Technology addressed this problem. They did so in a way that saved weight and battery power as well. As grunts, we like when things are made lighter and last longer. Don't wanna carry a 200 lbs Drone Gun on a conditioning hike. That would suck.


The Drone Killer is a great example of a weapon that has thought of everything. Without giving away all of the secrets, we can tell you it's got great range, weighs only seven pounds, won't disrupt friendly communications, and has a long battery life.Usually, we get our weapons made by the lowest bidder, but if we go ahead with the purchase and fielding of this weapon, it will mark a definitive departure from equipment that Marines break within a few minutes of touching.

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