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Newtown Shooting Victims Can Sue Remington, Supreme Court Rules

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Gear + Kits
November 12, 2019
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Well. This is dumb. Let's break this shit down to the basics. Remington made a firearm. Someone, that could legally purchase a firearm bought the Remington firearm. Then, someone stole the gun. The person who stole the gun then murdered the person who purchased the gun. Then, said thief and murderer committed an atrocious act of violence. Now people, somehow view Remington as an accomplice to that action.That's quite a leap.We buy all sorts of brands of firearms not just Remington, but, in all our years in the gun community/culture, we've never seen Remington once, say"Hey, you should steal one of our guns and then like murder a whole bunch of people."Never. Not. Once.We realize this is an emotional topic and something that people will likely get in a fit over if they don't like our take on the whole deal, but it is what it is. Imagine if you will, suing Ford, because some asshole, carjacked someone and killed them, then crashed the car into a group of people, killing many. Are we going to sue Ford?Weapons, like all things, are tools. A tool is neither good nor bad. It has no conscience, it has no moral compass. It merely exists unanimated and lifeless until a human acts upon it. That human could be good and/or bad. Yet, here the Supreme Court...the highest court in the land, sees fit to say that it's ok to at least attempt (that's an important distinction) to hold the manufacturer responsible.Such silliness is the new normal we guess. Never in our lives did we think that these types of mental gymnastics would be employed by the Supreme Court. Maybe that's just our own hopeful naivety biting us in the ass. Regardless of that naivety, this is still just...really really really really really stupid. On more than several levels.We want to be extremely careful about how we phrase this and ensure that our point is clear. In an already litigious society, we ought to be extremely careful about creating new avenues for frivolous lawsuits that target people or organizations several steps removed from the crime. It won't be a good look.

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