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North Korea's High-Tech Weapon

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
November 16, 2018
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A brand new "newly developed ultramodern" super high-speed low drag, tacticool badass weapon meant to destroy all enemies of glorious Democratic People's Republic of Korea (it's funny how the only part of that name that is right is Korea) has been tested by the North Koreans. This weapon, whatever it may be has bolstered North Korean morale to the point of where they are back to talking shit in a not so veiled, super kind of veiled way. Basically, it's obvious as f*** they are talking shit and threatening us while they think they're being slick.We have a few guesses as to what this leap in weapons technology could be given North Korea's current level of research and development. Ranked below in order of likelihood of existing are the ideas we have about what North Korea could be referencing. This list was compiled by a group of American Grit scientists (drunk guys at a bar).

  1. A rubber band machine gun
  2. A tank built by Fisher Price
  3. Fully automatic assault spitball shooter
  4. Lego landmines
  5. A trebuchet
  6. Battleship board game
  7. Internal combustion engine
  8. Food for their troops and people
  9. What will be described by Kim Jong Un as the very first man-made flying machine
  10. A weapon that could actually be somewhat effective on the battlefield if it weren't for the fact that their troops are starving.

See, it's not that we think North Korea is a joke of a nation...actually no it's exactly that. We think North Korea is a joke of a nation. They might have a few working missiles, and tons of artillery but seriously is anyone actually afraid of them? We're not saying we should underestimate them, but seriously if push came to shove, well I think we all know how that would end up.It seems as if North Korea has a short-term memory when it comes to saber rattling, pretty sure we already played the dick measuring game and they came up wanting.

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