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Don't Go Dog Shopping

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Community Support
February 13, 2018
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That's right, you read the title right! We said it! Don't go dog shopping. It is literally the worst thing in the world. We went with our friends this past weekend to go looking for dogs and it was the awful thing we've ever experienced and many of us have been to war...several times.Whether you choose to adopt or if you're in the market for a purebred, you need to be prepared for this absolutely dreadful experience. The number one thing you're going to need to know is that whilst participating in this endeavor, you will literally feel like you're in the Sarah McLachlan commercial. You're going to look at your friend who can get a dog, and feel nothing but bitter hatred. Here's why.

Dog Shopping

1. You're there to help them pick out a dog, so you playing with the dog they like is a no go, the dog needs to connect with them. How horrible is that, you go see all these dogs and you can't play with them. Your friend is not really a friend if they subject you to this torture.2. You can't take all of the dogs home and play with them for hours upon hours. Why would someone who calls you "friend" force you to endure this agony? Because they're selfish and want the dogs all to themselves.3. Even if you get a dog, the other dogs want their forever home too, and you have to see the sadness in those adorable slobbery faces as you leave. What kind of sick person forces you to endure this torment?

Dog Shopping

Obviously, we've not been serious, you should totally go dog shopping. Shelters all over this country are packed full of friendly loveable dogs who just want to go to their forever home. If you do adopt a dog, remember how short their lives are and that they form a bond with you for their entire lifetime, don't let them down. We don't know what people did to deserve dogs, but whatever it was, it wasn't enough. We're gonna go cry while watching "A Dog's Purpose" for the 18th time now.

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