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Community Support
Community Support
October 27, 2017
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If you love rants like I do, Dave Ramsey has some of the best. The financial guru and radio host has plenty to say when it comes to people who mismanage their finances. Somewhere during my travels down the YouTube rabbit hole, I started hearing Dave mention how much it would take for current young professionals to retire in a world 30-40 years from now. That number was $1 Million. AT LEAST! You heard it right: One Mill-ee-yawn dollar (cue the Dr. Evil voice)!According to that assessment, we are all going to need to be millionaires when we retire to be able to live a comfortable life as seniors. That seven-digit figure can be daunting for most of us, HOWEVER, there is a way that we can achieve this goal. By making your money work for you, and by that I mean investing. If you have extra assets lying around, whether you are an individual or business, investing can be an extremely rewarding decision that your future self will thank you for. And unless you're willing to invest in the education or work in the financial industry, you’ll probably need a little help along the way.To get that help when it comes to investing, most of us hire a financial expert to make informed decisions in our best interest. Deciding who should handle our companies or even our own investable assets can be trying as you determine who would do the best job or who is trustworthy. Luckily for us, there are some organizations in the financial industry that are on our side when it comes to this matter. And luckily for us, Nova Point Capital is one of those organizations.Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Nova Point Capital stands unique among its peers for a number of reasons. Nova Point Capital, a boutique financial firm, offers investment management and advisory to individuals, businesses (to include their retirement/pension plans), non-profit organizations, as well as advising the investments of fellow investment firms. They pride themselves in being able to provide a strictly disciplined approach to investment management which is executed at the highest level of integrity by experienced financial industry professionals. They bring with them over 40 years of combined experience within the financial industry, top-level accreditations, and a wide range of investment tools that enable them to rise above “the noise” of the market to make the best possible investment decisions. But don’t take Nova Point Capital as a run of the mill firm. On top of being an independent firm, they take a unique and disciplined approach to investing which includes conducting all of their analysis in-house and without the help of 3rd parties. They recognize that they are making decisions that affect people’s personal fortunes in a big way and want their clients to be at ease when it comes to trusting Nova Point with their assets which is why they provide a heavy level of transparency with all of their relationships. That transparency spans from the technical side of being able to log in and see your portfolio in real time to the personal side of being able to speak to Nova Point personally to ask them about outlining your financial strategy or answering any questions you may have about your portfolio.

  • Integrity- Within a world where Ponzi schemes and embezzlements are unfortunate truths, it’s understandable why clients would put a high value on trust when it comes to their investable assets. Clients need to know their investment is safe and secure with those who’ve said it to be which is why Nova Point places integrity among it’s highest concerns and is able to hold itself accountable by layering itself with transparency that is accessible to all of its clients.
  • Discipline- When dealing with the markets, there is always the risk of volatility. Markets go up, they go down, the go sideways, they do weird stuff at weird times that you can’t predict or plan for. In those times of unpredictability, chaos can ensue within the markets as investors scramble to figure out their next move on the fly. Nova Point protects its clients with a proven and repeatable process that allows them to perform during those times without getting caught up with whatever noise the crowds are making.
  • Experience- As mentioned before the founders of Nova Point Capital bring with them over 40 years of combined experience in the financial world. Not only have they experienced multiple market cycles and trends but they experienced (and survived) the 2008 crisis. They’ve worked for large houses such as Meryl Lynch and bring along with them a host of certifications including that of a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) as well as a Chartered Market Technician (CMT).

Those are the core values that Nova Point Capital leads with and they are the same values that co-founder, Joseph Sroka, has been practicing since his time as a West Point cadet. Before entering the financial industry, Joe served as a US Army infantry officer with a top grade military education from West Point. During his time of service, he was stationed in Germany and was able to witness the iconic collapse of the Berlin Wall, an experience that was significant not only to the people of Germany and Europe but also those who witnessed it around the world, including Joe. “One thing that [stuck with] me was the difference in prosperity between the East Berliners and West Berliners”. Joe took away a sense of understanding that there was a natural drive for capitalism within people who are motivated by economic prosperity. Joe believes in running his business with the same values as he runs his portfolio and with the same values and taking a strict emotionless disciplined approach for both.The future looks bright at Nova Point Capital. They are content with keeping their offices in Atlanta as it has been subject to rapid growth over the past decades, and continues to be an increasingly international city with a number of global headquarters. Nova Point has been growing at a controlled pace and has hopes of continuing on that path as they hope to bring on more qualified individuals on staff as well as more business owners as clients. Both founders have strong connections to the military community (Joe Sroka being a Veteran himself and co-founder Alan Connor is father to an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran of the Army) and have committed Nova Point to giving back to the veteran community by hiring veterans, discounting fees for their veteran/mil-spouse business owners and non profits and Joe personally mentors transitioning veterans because, “..We’re [giving] back to a group that we believe deeply in.” The concept of Vetrepreneurs is becoming increasingly more relative these days at veterans are discharged from duty and Nova Point stands ready to encourage and support any veteran that seeks to be a small business owner. I suspect that Nova Point will be making its mark in the finance community as a constant source of faith and investment performance for those in our community who need it most.

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