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Old-Fashioned Fisticuffs

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Community Support
March 12, 2019
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Whatever happened to good old fashioned fisticuffs? I'm not talking about you being out at a bar and being so piss drunk that you try to fight a chair that's been looking at your weird all night. I'm talking about when you and another asshole can't seem to get your shit straight so you go out behind the building, knock each other around for a bit, then the winner picks the loser up, buys him a beer or a coke and your issues are squashed. What the hell happened to those days?It was a simple premise, whatever issues you had with each other, you showed that you were both willing to get hit in the face for your side of it. That earns a shitload of respect, win or lose. You may get some shit talked, but bro, at least you showed up. And truth be told, having your ass whipped and whipping some ass is good for you. It teaches you how to be a winner and how to be a loser. Teaches you how to take a hit and keep coming forward.What was it Mike Tyson said, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."Life is a fight. Life punches you in the mouth and if nobody ever taught you how to get punched in the mouth and get back up and fight back, then you're going to have a really shitty time. Even Gandhi knew how to take a punch and fight back (albeit metaphorically through passive resistance), but he was no stranger to violence, and it served him well later in life as he held steadfast in his resolve of passive resistance.The point we're making here is that to some degree, being in a physical fight teaches you valuable lessons about life. But old fashioned fisticuffs have gone the way of the buffalo due in large part to the litigious society we now reside in.Don't get us wrong, you shouldn't go around assaulting people left and right, but if you and another slapdick decide that you need to duke it out to solve your dispute, we see no reason why the two of you can't agree to square off and throw a few haymakers till the issue is squashed. Several states have laws on the books that allow for mutual combat provided you keep it to just hands 'n shit and you both agree either verbally with witnesses or via some loosely written agreement.

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