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Pandemic Scarcity and Surplus: 4 Things to Know

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Community Support
April 24, 2020
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While some items have been scarce, others have actually been in a surplus. There are also items like masks and hand sanitizer which have been priced gouged. (See the article of the a**hole of the week we wrote.) However, here are some other things to be aware of that may not be quite as obvious.

Scarce: Exercise equipment

The government restrictions have closed most gyms. As a result, the availability of free weights, machines, and fitness equipment has significantly decreased. The most common places to buy dumbbells have been depleted. This includes massive backorders for online stores. The high demand has resulted in the price of weights skyrocketing. Second hand marketplace apps are seeing jaw dropping price tags for the coveted iron. Even online stores have 40-50% mark ups. This has created a ripple effect of demand, with a severely hindered supply.

Scarce: Shelter pets

All across the country, animal shelters have been posting pictures of empty cages. Social media accounts have described this as the best thing to happen to homeless pets. Because of this, if you were hoping to find a four-legged companion, the pickings will be slim. Many rushed to adopt a furry friend before self imposed isolation. Regardless of the circumstances, we can all be happy about this.

Surplus: Singles near you

Despite the pandemic, dating apps continue to grow. Loneliness and isolation have inspired many to download apps that encourage you to "swipe right" on interesting people. According to market intelligence company Sensor Tower, "The highest grossing non-game app worldwide for March 2020 was Tinder with more than $76.8M in user spending." This means the Tinder app essentially beat out the Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube app. Many users report they meet their matches on gaming platforms for virtual dates. If you meet someone from a dating site, always be careful. Insist they get tested, and not just for COVID-19. Furthermore, check out this article we wrote about cat fishing.

Surplus: Oil

Oil prices have plummeted across the world, sending gas prices down as well. People are not driving as much so the industry is desperately trying to keep a positive cashflow. As a result, clean energy advocates are looking at this as the moment to strike. Similarly, many are insisting we should not bail out the oil industry. They are scrambling to justify their position, launching social media, and lobbying campaigns. Contrarily, fossil fuel advocates point out the number of jobs they provide. They claim states with high crude outputs and refineries will be important to the upcoming election. With the country's leadership vying for re-election, this is very important to watch.What has been your experience? Drop us a comment below!

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