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Piles of Bricks Mysteriously Appear in Protests

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Community Support
June 4, 2020
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Major cities across the country have seen the appearance of mysterious piles of bricks. Undoubtedly, these were placed by some entity to insight violence during civil rights protests. Store fronts and police officers have been struck by these. Even police horses have been wounded by objects thrown by assailants.There are two major theories behind the shrouded origins. Here is an assessment of the information currently available.

Bricks planted by anarchists?

Some believe these bricks were staged by anarchists. This would be done in order to add mayhem to an already tense situation. In fact, it is believed that they do not care about the causes, but rather just want to watch the world burn. This would spark a counter show of force by police, thus angering more protesters and causing more rioting and looting.However, many videos show protesters angrily confronting those taking bricks, believing this distracts from the message they are trying to convey. Some protesters claim to work in the area and have no knowledge of any construction nearby. Furthermore, the bricks are damaging minority owned small business. Thus, hijacking the protest and turning them violent. Even the children of George Floyd have condemned the looting. “The violence is not the right way to do it,” Connie Floyd stated publicly.

Planted by powerful figures?

Most of these piles have been placed nowhere near construction sites. They are extremely heavy and thus, not easy to move. No videos have surfaced of heavy equipment being used to unload these pallets. This requires logistics, and funds. As a result, some believe powerful figures have planted them. This theory is mind boggling to say the least. Nevertheless, some say that certain authorities are looking for reasons to use more force.In addition, some think it is a means to justify martial law. However, there have been videos of police officers removing these bricks. So if there is any truth to this theory, this must have been done covertly and without the approval of public offices. It would have to be someone far removed from the perils of being injured by the repercussions of their actions.Regardless of the origins, this is a despicable act, it is endangering the right of assembly. If you see someone placing these, please safely take a video and send it to us. The country is in enough pain without the addition of more violence towards Americans. Sound off in the comments and send any tips to

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