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Putin Doesn't Rule Out Nuclear War

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Active Military
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Veteran News
December 20, 2018
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See this is why you shouldn't get your news from internet memes. If you did, they'd have you think Putin is a super neato cool guy, when in reality he's a pretty big asshole. His latest asshole move comes on the heels of his reckless actions in Ukraine and the Black Sea. First, it was the illegal seizure/invasion of Crimea, then the capture of Ukrainian naval ships.Now...sigh now this wanker who has blatantly ignored the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty is getting mad at the United States for wanting to withdraw from the treaty since according to the United States, it's not doing dick all to prevent Russia from violating the treaty.Basically, the treaty says that the United States and Russia can't have a dick measuring contest with their nuclear-tipped cruise missiles that have a range of anywhere between 500-5500 kilometers, and they also can't have any of the same. So no producing, no testing, and no possessing ground-launched cruise missiles of that type.The United States for a long time has contended that Russia is violating the treaty. Russia, of course, says "No we're not" because foreign policy and politics is apparently just an extremely dangerous version of schoolyard he said she said bullshit.However, given Russia's penchant for violence and not giving a shit what the rest of the world thinks, we're inclined to not believe Russia when they say they're not violating the treaty, just like when Crimea was being invaded he stated that they were purely there on a humanitarian mission. Riiiiiight...I also heard Alison Brie digs the author of this piece (doesn't make it true).We said all of that to tell you this. Putin stated that "The danger of the situation is being downplayed," regarding a question asked about the possibility of nuclear war or a third world war. A classic Putin shift of blame to others instead of himself for continually doing shit that the rest of the world is looking at saying,"Not cool man, not cool at all!"

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