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Remembering the Space Shuttle Challenger

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
January 28, 2019
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It is no small request to ask of someone, to strap themselves to rockets and to have themselves hurtled into space, then to return, heating up like a supernova through the atmosphere. Every part of a shuttle mission was dangerous and could be potentially catastrophic. We're not dealing with an "Oh well we messed up. Try to come back tomorrow and do better," kind of mentality. Every single thing has to go right in order for astronauts to successfully complete their missions.That's why we call them brave. Because they basically riding shotgun on a giant bomb to a place where they have no immediate assistance should anything go wrong. It is them and them alone.Thirty-three years ago, the space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds into flight, killing everyone aboard. When people ask why attention to detail is important, I point them towards this example...7 lives lost, millions of dollars lost all because of one faulty piece...This day, remember the men and women of the space shuttle Challenger.Francis Richard Scobee, United States Air Force pilot and Vietnam veteran who earned the Distinguished Flying Cross.Michael J. Smith, United States Navy and Vietnam veteran who also earned the Distinguished Flying Cross.Ronald McNair, Physicist who fought segregation, one of the leading physicists in the field of laser physics.Ellison Onizuka, United States Air Force, test pilot, first Asian American to reach space.Judith Resnik, pilot, engineer, front runner in biomedical engineering research, the second American woman in space. Gregory Jarvis, United States Air Force, engineer. Christa McAuliffe, gifted teacher (according to NASA via selection).These men and women were pioneers, stretching our technology and the limitations of mankind to the border of what is known and unknown. Brave adventurers who sacrificed their lives in pursuit of advancing humanity.Honor them, remember them, this day.

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