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Reviving Motivation and Beating Burnout

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Community Support
June 30, 2017
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“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

In any workplace environment, an employee may experience a feeling of dissatisfaction or unhappiness. Such burn outs are truly normal human emotion and happen mostly when one feels likes he/she is being forced into repetitive activities on a daily basis. An employee experiencing burnout may easily start to lose focus, or he/she may lose motivation at work. Either way, this can lead to negative results to the company. When experiencing workplace burnouts, an employee would be left with very few options on their plate. They either get another job or they look for ways that would help them revive their work motivation. There are a number of ways that one can revive motivation. However before one can revive motivation, they must own up to their emotional habits.

Knowing the Cause of “Demotivation”

This like in any other dilemma, the first step is to identify the cause of a problem. For our case, an employee should identify what is causing him/her to be “demotivated.” There might be several causes of not being motivated or there be just a single cause. These causes may either be work related, or they might be personal. Coping with the personal level of demotivation one generally, tolerates their social well-being, and continues living in the same state. Trust me, we all tend to fall victim to personal demotivation. Either way, by knowing the roots of a problem one would be able to approach and solve the problem. Just as the saying goes, a problem well-stated is a problem half solved.

Thinking About Long Term Goals

For an employee that finds himself losing his enthusiasm or drive to work and their days seem to become a bit of a struggle, he/she may bring back motivation by thinking of their long term goal and plans particularly in life. Such an employee should ask himself questions like, why am I working? How would I spend my old age? What type of life would I give to my family? HAVING MOTIVE THAT MATTERS! The phrase having a motive that matters is vital to anything that we do in life. If we are of service and serving the greater good, this creates the focus of staying on track and defeats the demotivation term completely.

Promoting Teamwork

Work burn outs are at times caused when one over exhausts themselves by doing things that they should be doing as a team. Working together as a team helps to reduce once workload and helps to make work lighter. This often is one of the most influential factors of actively disengaging from workplace motivation. Those who are not motivated tend to have a negative impact on those they work with and may not even know it. Now for the scary part; out of the 50% of demotivated employee’s, 18% ACTIVELY DISENGAGE, meaning that they actively spread the negativity within the workplace! Heck even going out for coffee before heading to work with the team helps prepare the day and gets everyone on board! Who doesn’t like coffee?

Challenging Once Self

Demotivation at work is mostly a result of losing drive or challenges in a workplace. A workplace environment should not be routine and employees should be able to see changes or growth. If this does not happen, employees may feel like staying or falling into mediocrity. To avoid being demotivated, an employee should find a way to challenge himself. This can be done by working on new projects, looking for career opportunities for growth, asking supervisors to place them into other positions that they feel challenged to actively engage in, or as said before, JUST CREATE THE ELEMENT of BEING OF SERVICE. I know that this all seems easier than said, but if you practice beating your weaknesses and not tolerating them, I PROMISE YOU, that things will start to become easier in all that you do.Please leave a comment below or let me know any questions you have. I’d love to hear what you think!

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