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San Francisco Bunker Labs Muster

Community Support
Community Support
October 19, 2017
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A highly anticipated event focused on veteran entrepreneurship is coming to the Bay Area in October. The 1st annual Muster Across America tour will be making a stop in downtown Fransisco at the Slack headquarters on October 25, 2017. The Muster Across America Tour is a part of the non-profit organization Bunker Labs’ outreach program for veteran entrepreneurs. According to their Eventbrite page, this is “a catalyzing event to stand up and strengthen this expanding network of military veterans, successful entrepreneurs, and the communities they serve.”In military terms, the word “muster” means all hands on deck. This event is similar in the way that it is an opportunity for current / future veteran entrepreneurs and military spouses who are looking to become entrepreneurs to come together from all over the Nation.Hosting the Muster is the Bunker Labs Bay Area chapter. Veterans, corporate partners, and innovators are encouraged to come, bring their best ideas and develop new connections and insights.

Attendees will have an opportunity to hear from highly-successful veteran entrepreneurs. The speakers include keynote Daniel Alarik (CEO of the multi-million dollar company Grunt Style), veteran author Marjorie K. Eastman who penned The Frontline Generation and former ABC Shark Tank survivors like Kim Jung who created Rumi Spice.[caption id="attachment_14100" align="alignnone" width="1080"]

Justine with Keynote Speaker and Grunt Style CEO Daniel Alarik[/caption]Beginning at 11 A.M. (Pacific Time), speakers and panelists will discuss topics such as defense innovation trends, the investment and talent landscape and veteran social impact. Included in ticket prices is a closing happy hour with drinks and appetizers provided by the Bunker Labs Bay Area chapter and their sponsors.

Veteran Entrepreneur Speaker Lineup

The Bay Area Bunker Labs Chapter and It’s Veteran Leading the Charge

The Bunker Labs Bay Area chapter is lead by Navy veteran / spouse, Justine Evirs. As the chapter’s Executive Director, Evirs is particularly excited for this event because it will be the first in chapter history. In an interview with Life Flip media, she explained more about her own background, connection to military service and her journey into entrepreneurship.She spoke passionately about her military service which began in 2001 after joining the Navy and heading to boot camp. “9/11 actually happened when I was in boot camp. I remember everything changing. The whole mood changed. The whole reason for serving changed.”A few years after graduating boot camp in 2003, Evirs was medically discharged from the Navy after being diagnosed with the incurable disease Osteoporosis. She had every intention of staying in the service for 20 years and did not have a plan B, however, she used her unique position and “scrappy, innovative” spirit to overcome her obstacles.Left with her passion to still pursue a purposeful career in veteran services, Evirs decided to use her G.I. Bill to attend college as the first-generation student, coming from a low-income household this was a huge step for her career. After graduating and taking the leap to move to Silicon Valley, Evirs formed connections with innovators and investors in the area which would eventually lead to being offered the position to lead the Bunker Labs Bay Area chapter in May 2017. She helped build this chapter from its infancy stages to the thriving community it is today, hosting monthly meet-ups / happy hours affectionately called “Bunker Brews” and now hosting the 1st annual Muster Across America Tour.Along with continuing to lead the Bay Area Chapter, Evirs credits Bunker Labs with giving her the confidence to “take my own *entrepreneurial* leap”. She recently launched her own non-profit organization called The Paradigm Switch. Follow along with her on Linkedin to watch the roll-out of her new venture.

About Bunker Labs and its Resources

For those that are not familiar with the Bunker Labs organization, it is “a national not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization built by military veteran entrepreneurs to empower other military veterans as leaders in innovation”. They have 15 unique chapters across the country in cities like Raleigh-Durham, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.For veterans and military spouses interested in starting a business, the Bunker Labs Bay Area chapter offers a host of resources. From building your network and connecting you to investors to free online courses teaching you how to build a business from the ground up.Learn more about their services here.

What Makes the Bay Area Chapter Different?

The defining characteristic in the Bay Area chapter according to Evirs is: “The fact that we are in Silicon Valley. Anyone seeking an investment in the tech startup scene comes here. All roads lead to Silicon Valley. Having an organization in the Bay Area allows us to create a pathway to Silicon Valley for our veteran entrepreneurs. We have strategic access to organizations like Facebook, Google, Slack, and Oracle.”

I want to attend. How do I get tickets?

The Muster Across America Tour is open to the public, however, tickets are LIMITED. Grab yours here.All proceeds from this event will go directly back into the Bay Area chapter to further support veteran entrepreneurship. “Our mission is to use this event as a catalyst for fundraising in 2018, said Evirs. “our goals are to run our free EPIC program, establishing office space and hiring afull-timee Executive Director.You do not have to be a veteran to attend this event, however civilian attendance is highly encouraged. “The veteran community could not survive without the support of their civilian counterparts. I encourage patriots to attend to support our veteran entrepreneurs,” Evirs passionately stated. Bunker Labs Bay Area Chapter would like to thank JPMorgan Chase, Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Comcast for their support and sponsorship of this event.-- Written by Sara Carey

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