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San Francisco Calls Out the NRA

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September 5, 2019
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As we peruse the headlines and look for interesting topics to write and expound upon, we full well understand how it might be difficult to distinguish satire and reality. The fact is, shit is getting wonky as hell and has been ever since they killed Harambe. #DOFH. The city of San Francisco has labeled the NRA a terrorist organization, yeah, no you read that right.We actually aren't even upset anymore, we're entertained. Why? You might ask. Why aren't we, the staunch defenders of our bill of rights, upset over this?Because it's too comical to get upset over. Seriously. Has anyone, with more than six functioning brain cells, recently looked at San Fransisco and thought to themselves,

"What a bastion of critical thinking and sound public policy!"

Doubtful. Certainly, there are some that will read this and find nothing wrong with the above statement, but surely most of our readers look at anything San Francisco does as an excuse to get in a vigorous ab workout via the outrageous guffaws that will follow whatever ridiculous action that city has taken.For shit's sake, literally, they don't even care that people are shitting on the sidewalks and you expect them to make rational decisions regarding anything having to do with firearms?Furthermore, what the hell in San Francisco going to do to the NRA by labeling them a terrorist organization? Gonna fight a war with the NRA? Gonna arrest anyone that has a membership to the NRA?From the New York Times piece on the subject,

"While the resolution has no practical effect, Ms. Stefani said in an interview on Wednesday, “I firmly believe that words matter, and I think this is a step in fighting the negative impact of the N.R.A.”

There you have it, from the mouth of Supervisor Catherine Stefani, the resolution has no practical effect. It's all for show.If words matter so much Madame Supervisor (is that what we call her?), we declare San Francisco as a terrorist safe haven.Oh look wow, it did absolutely nothing. This posturing bores us. Let us know when San Francisco wants to kick off Revolution Part Deux: Electric Boogaloo.

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