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SEAL Conviction

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
July 3, 2019
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A few hours ago, the word was released that SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher was found not guilty in his courts-martial proceedings for premeditated murder. While this comes as a relief for many, that Eddie is going home to his family, we need to see the entire victory for what it is. As this case has progressed we’ve seen and been subject to rumors and theories from all sorts of angles. Prosecutors have tried to paint this warrior as a rogue element, not up to the criteria that a US Special Operator is expected. We’ve heard of dissatisfaction in his team, unbecoming actions, and other ill actions. Through all the confinement and accusations, Eddie Gallagher has remained steadfast in his innocence. At times it seemed that the lynch mob was ready to string this man up by the yardarm and set an example. An example of what begs the question. Chief Gallagher should be held as an example, and one that everyone in uniform should take full stock of, and that is a man of conviction. Chief has taken everything that a questionable prosecutorial team has thrown at him, from a diet of bread and water to the confinement away from his family. This man has throughout the entire ordeal demonstrated that conviction of truth will set you free. Truth, the thing we all wanted came ringing out as the witch hunt backfired as a key witness, offered immunity in exchange for testimony spoke of the truth. Chief Gallagher was vindicated, in the face of a stacked deck looking for not the truth but an example. We should be glad they succeeded and found us an example of what staying true and honest will bring. Eddie Gallagher deserves the thanks of a grateful nation for his years of steadfast dedication to protecting our ideals and freedoms.UPDATE: At this time despite being found not guilty, Cheif Gallagher will be reduced in rank from E-7 to E-6 and must forfeit $2,697 for four months. How's that for some bullshit?

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