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SEALs Under Investigation

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
October 31, 2017
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It's been breaking news at this point. Two Navy SEALs under investigation for the death of a Green Beret in Africa. That's the headline. However, we're not going to offer a lot of commentary on the details.Our cultural and political landscape has gone so far off the deep end that every irresponsible headline gets published. It's about the reach, it's about views and engagement. Hell, that's why you're reading this article now. It's all about a catchy, controversial headline. It has nothing to do with the realizing that three lives may be ruined.Any crime like this is a travesty. Without any equivocating or grandstanding, it's just hard. What makes it even worse is when we throw people under the bus before the facts. You read, "SEALs under investigation" in the headlines and the jury goes right out of the window, for all intents and purposes they're already guilty. What if they aren't? Is it worth ruining their reputation based on the speculative news?

SEALs under investigation

We're not here to say they aren't guilty. We're also not here to say they are. Writing in its very nature is propaganda. It evokes emotion and an appeal to action, whether physical, mental, or spiritual. When we use journalism and headlines inappropriately it's turning our backs on the very ideals that made America great. To hell with innocent until proven guilty if it's a juicy headline. Why even bother with the trial when some irresponsible journalism will ruin an innocent man's life?Let's remember a few things about this. Under investigation is not guilty. Somebody lost a son, father or husband. Two more men may be guilty and may have ruined their own lives. They may also be innocent and irresponsible reporting ruins their lives anyway.

SEALs under investigation

Until the facts come forward, until the truth has its day in court, let's hold off on our judgments and condemnations. Let's do the thing that we as American's have prided ourselves on for our entire 242 years of our existence. Let us remember that until otherwise KNOWN, all three of these men should be remembered as the selfless defenders of our sacred way of life. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater just because it gets more views isn't worth our soul. Condemning men before proof of their guilt isn't justice, it's a witchhunt. Yes, SEALs are under investigation. The investigation may prove their innocence just as much as it may prove their guilt. Stop looking for someone to hate, start believing in American ideals again.

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