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Security Contractors Hiring Right Now

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September 7, 2016
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Wondering who's hiring security contractors right now? Look no further than this up-to-date list.Security contracting refers specifically to guys who go overseas to guard places and people for the government or other companies. We're talking about the trigger-pullers, not the intel analysts or mechanics.You'll see that these jobs don't necessarily specify a requirement for MOS, but when they do, it will definitely be enforced.Generally, these jobs are in war zones, or at least in places where the government isn't the most stable, which means you need to be tough, adaptable, and willing to work long hours.Each of these positions is with a company that has a long history of supplying contractors to the government, and whose job postings are current as of today (September 7th, 2016).The jobs have differing experience requirements. That being said, if you meet the minimum requirements, and get your documents in on time, and you're willing to wait, you will probably be able to get the job.Keep in mind that the contract requirements are set by the U.S. government agency and are generally not too flexible. Work with a reputable resume-writer to ensure you put your best foot forward.

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1. Torres Inc, Armed Guard, Kosovo

Apply here.This is an entry-level position at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo. The job requires two years of general security experience, which means that if you've previously served in the military and got out honorably, you can almost certainly get this job.Keep in mind, this is an entry-level job in Europe, which means two things: number one, you won't be making huge money. Number two, you'll probably be able to travel around and see those German castles you always dreamed about.The best thing you can do with this job is move on to the next position. Security contractors should look to move up to bigger and better things as soon as they can.A year on a completed contract looks good on your resume, because so many security contractors choose to drop out. Plus, networking never hurts. Spend your year away working on your poetry and keeping in touch with your inner self. Think of it like a writer's retreat, but with machine guns!

2. Force Protection Officer, Kuwait, Triple Canopy

Apply here.This is one of the best entry-level contracts to get on. The work is hot, dusty, and you might get bussed from your place of residence to work, but you get two excellent benefits from this job.

  1. You can get a Secret security clearance if you don't have one already (key to getting better contracts).
  2. You get paid a lot more than the Kosovo gig.

This job requires one year of armed security experience in the last three years-again, almost anyone who served in the military for four years qualifies. It also requires passing a physical fitness test some force protection experience, although a good resume will make sure you meet that requirement (firewatch is technically force protection, right? Right!).Sources familiar with the contract say that Triple Canopy is pretty much always hiring for the Kuwait gig, and you'll take home around 80 grand at the end of the year, tax free. Men and women are both encouraged to apply for this position.

3. Armed Guard, Afghanistan, Reed Inc.

Read the post and follow the instructions here. Here's another, similar job with Triple Canopy.Current as of August 5th, 2016, this position requires you to send your resume to a recruiter. Normally I would be wary of these kinds of posts, but since the position was posted on SocNet, which has very strict vetting processes for its forums (especially for employers), you can rest assured this is totally legit. The website is a hub for security contractors. Check out some of the threads and find out if there's a job out there for you.This one requires five years combat arms or police experience. Sorry guys, all you one-termers are out (move on to the next two posts, though because those jobs are the best ones out there). It also requires a secret clearance, but the language of the job description suggests that they will sponsor you for one.

4. State Department Worldwide Protective Services: Triple Canopy, Academi, SOC LLC

View the Academi openings for Protective Security Specialist here; Academi Designated Defensive Marksman here; Academi PSS/Paramedic here. Triple Canopy's Protective Security Specialist position is here; the rest of its positions for WPS and other jobs can be found here.SOC's PSS position is here; its other positions can be found here.Alright guys, here's the big one. The Worldwide Protective Services contract, or WPS, was started in 2004 when Blackwater began guarding U.S. Ambassador Paul Bremer in Baghdad. WPS were the OG security contractors in the early days of Iraq.It has since expanded to various parts of the globe, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel and other locations.The above positions all require the same thing: 3 general years of security experience, and 1 year of protective security experience.There are a lot of different people on this contract: combat arms, non-combat arms, police officers. You should take a look at some of the information on the internet regarding this contract (and there is plenty) to find out how to tailor your resume to reflect your protective security experience.If you did four years in the military and deployed at least once, this is a job that should be of interest to you. Rest assured, there are plenty of guys on contract just like you, who worded their resumes correctly, and now have a job.Security contractors working on WPS get paid very well, but State does require you to be in shape, proficient with weapons, and timely with your paperwork. You will be locked into a rotation and required to deploy at certain times, but you will make a ton of money.Note: If you have a sniper or designated marksman background, or possess a paramedic certificate or advanced EMT, you can make more money. Follow the links provided.

5. Armed Static and Mobile Security, Patriot Group/Soc LLC

Soc's positions: static, mobile. Patriot Group.These positions pay very well, work with secretive government clients, and have high requirements. For the static positions, you only qualify if you spent four years in a combat arms MOS and have a year deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. For the mobile position, you'll need to be a certified Special Operations badass with six years of experience and a huge set of balls. Of all the jobs for security contractors, this is one of the best.Rest assured, if you make it through the extreme vetting and onto one of these contracts, you'll be well-rewarded for your efforts.

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