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Selling Your Nudes

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
November 13, 2019
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Fuck. Like. Fucking dammit. How have we not figured this out yet when it comes to selling your nudes or sending nudes? A female Marine assigned to the 2nd Marine Division, who admitted to selling nude photos of herself, was surprised to find the photos and videos being passed around her division. Shit man, it's easily explained by an intro to sociology class in any university across the globe, if not explained before then. Society and the people in it operate on a bell curve. Most fall in the middle, with those on the far right of the bell curve being extremely altruistic and those on the far left of the bell curve being extremely evil. Malcontents, evildoers, etc...Right...ok... so now we all know about bell curves and societal behavior, right? It's not rocket science to say that most people fall in the middle and there are some really really good people and some really really bad people that exist in the world. The bad people that are to the extreme, there is no convincing, no teaching, no sort of fix or correcting their behavior. Sociopaths (have no conscience) and psychopaths (lack of empathy) exist. Welcome to the world. We're not trying to teach a college course here and we feel we've covered our bases enough. If you want to read more info, go to a library or take a sociology class.SO. At risk of looking like a REALLY BIG ASSHOLE since people take shit out of context ALL THE TIME on the internet...Should people that sell their nude photos and videos be surprised when bad actors get a hold of them and release them to the public? No. There is no perfect security. Everyone on the entire planet is susceptible to the consequences of their own actions and can have some "Uh oh, oh fuck, why is this happening to me" consequences.NOW, that isn't to say that these things SHOULD happen to these people because they shouldn't but...IT DOES HAPPEN. That's why we have courts and lawyers and judges and that whole entire justice system, so those bad actors can get prosecuted for damages. They can get held accountable.BUT...for fucks sake, can we stop acting surprised when shit like what happened to that Marine happens?One or several bad actors bought and paid for the nude photos and videos then disseminated them. And we're surprised? REALLY? In the digital age when identity theft is an ever-growing criminal enterprise, we think taking naked pictures of ourselves and posting them online in any form is a risk-free action? Fuck.Be mad. Be hurt. Be angry. But don't be surprised.Will there be an investigation, fuckin yeah probably, like duh. But on the other hand, thinking that this shit wouldn't happen or being surprised that it did happen is the epitome of ignorance....Also, if my nudes ever get leaked, well...you're welcome.

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