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Sheriffs Resist Gun Control in Washington State

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Gear + Kits
January 29, 2019
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Usually, when I say "Would ya look at the balls on this mofo," it's an insult. It's in reference to someone veering out of their lane and crashing into mine like they're some sort of damn donkey dick having big hitter. Usually. In this case, when I say that phrase, it's a compliment. Why? Because doing the right thing often takes giant ass balls that have to be carted around via wheelbarrow. Why? Because usually doing the right thing is often not the popular thing. Doing the right thing often involves you taking a big risk in the name of morality. But this Washington sheriff has a field in which he grows his f***s, I have seen the field. It is barren.See Washington (state) got this ballsy ass idea to infringe on the rights of their people. Nothing quite like voting your own freedom away, right? According to The Guardian

"As of 1 January, purchasers of these weapons must now be over 21, undergo an enhanced background check, must have completed a safety course, and need to wait 9 days to take possession of their weapon. Also, gun owners who fail to store their weapons safely risk felony “community endangerment” charges."

There are a whole host of other restrictions that these gun grabbers want to add on, but the sheriff of Klickitat County is not having any of their shit. He said he won't enforce any of these laws because, well shit guys, they're unconstitutional.He went even further to say he'd prevent any other agency from arresting anyone in Klickitat County, even going as far standing in the doorway to prevent other agencies from acting upon this bill. We'd venture to say he'd probably ask the same thing of his deputies.Imagine if you will. Some dickhole from Olympia, coming to your home and acting a fool and there is about to be a standoff when good ol' Bob Songer and his deputies show up to reinforce you, the citizen. Hot damn, I love this country!

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