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Space Force and the Enigma of Fermi's Paradox

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August 8, 2018
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All joking aside, why are we creating the Space Force? Is it to get a leg up on all the other countries in space, or rather something far more troubling. Do Aliens exist? No, not the aliens that have you screaming "Build the wall!" Actual extraterrestrial life from another planet(s). We took a poll on the internets yesterday, and the results were unsurprising.82 % of those surveyed believe that extraterrestrial life exists. 18% believe that aliens don't exist, we're full of shit and should be drawn and quartered.In response to that, we say first off, f*** you, secondly has anyone here heard of the Fermi Paradox? If not the premise is simple and we'll break it down Barney style for you.Buttloads of stars like ours. High probability of Earth-like planets. High probability of intelligent civilization, way older than us. Could definitely have contacted us by now.


It's a really Barney style description, but that's the premise, and there are a few solutions to the paradox, none are definitive. They are as follows;Advanced civilization is watching us, waiting, like a creepy voyeur. Ew.Advanced civilization definitely blew themselves the f*** up.They are not advanced.So the questions we pose are these;Have we known about extraterrestrial life for a while?Have they just now contacted us?Are we as humanity, ready to know that there is in fact, extraterrestrial life out there?Based on the Drake Equation, which is closely related to the Fermi Paradox, people have been extremely generous or extremely pessimistic in their views and as many as 100,000 civilizations have been proposed and as few as less than one...not sure how you have a fraction of a civilization, but that's a whole bunch of math that our crayon eating brains can't handle.

So the question remains for all of you faithful readers...does extraterrestrial life exist? And if you're certain that it does...is it cause you got butt probed? You can tell us, we won't judge.

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