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Stop Making Everything Political

Community Support
Community Support
August 29, 2018
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Yeah, yeah, yeah we know don't tell you how to live your life. But everyone needs to stop making everything political. Seriously.We know, we know what our government does and who gets elected affects all of us adults in a major way. But we seriously doubt that the socks you choose to wear versus the flip-flops your neighbor Dave chooses to wear have anything to do with the direction of this country or "X" politicians voting record.Nobody. Gives. A. Shit.Let's all be honest for about five seconds here, and we know we're about to ruffle some feathers. Politics ruined the NFL. There it is we said it.We took politicizing of every single minor issue to the point that now families and friends are getting into heated arguments on social media, over watching a f***ing game. Someone on this side politicized it, then someone on that side politicized it more and down the f***ing rabbit hole we went where now we can't sit on our couch on a lazy fall Sunday afternoon and watch the coordinated violence of NFL football without people castigating you for doing so. (Cue the college football hipsters saying they never watched NFL football, to begin with.)Everyone wants to talk about what's ruining America like it's this person's fault or that political parties fault. Ok. We get it, those discussions should be had, just not about every single damn thing.Nobody likes being called out we know, so we're sure to get some hate mail for this, but seriously we doubt you're a fascist or a communist because you like different flavors of frozen yogurt.Stop making everything political, because the next thing you know people will be telling us that we supported the Empire of Japan in World War 2 because we picked a PS4 over an X-Box One.Sounds ridiculous right? Get our point?

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