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Streaming Don'ts for Your Self-Quarantine

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March 16, 2020
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Alright, we gave you some primo streaming choices to keep you occupied during your self-quarantine, now we're going to give you some streaming don'ts so you don't waste your time.Friends, neighbors countrymen we really ask you in these streaming don'ts to understand truly, these are bad shows despite the hype, don't get mad at us for ruining your favorite show, because we know we're going to. These shows are so bad that watching them will make you want to leave quarantine and die.FriendsTake away the laugh track and the only good thing about the show is Joey and Lisa Kudrow. Seriously, nobody else on that show is funny. They're melodramatic about the dumbest things and Ross...we're pretty sure Ross should be in jail for any number of sexual harassment or stalking charges. Truly. It's bad. Now let us drink your tears and hate.SupergirlWe had high hopes for this but...alas, it's just as disappointing as The Arrow. The only solid DC piece that we liked was Flash and even that was mediocre. We know there may be some hate thinking we're picking on a female lead, but don't get upset too quickly...The ArrowThe first two seasons were pretty good. Now it's just ridiculous and a waste of time. Just like when we watched The OC in Iraq, there was never any resolution in any episode it's always just more shit going wrong and more danger with no resolutions. It's exhausting. Plus the acting...it's meh.The Break With Michele WolfThe bad thing about this show is two-fold. One it's just not that funny. Sorry, not sorry. Two, you'll get an overinflated ego and think "Wow, if she's a PAID comedian, then like it seems anyone can do this." Then you'll do an open mic night and bomb.Hemlock GroveWhy? Seriously? Give us one good reason why and we'll lay off of it. This show fails at literally everything.One Tree HillOk, those people are first off, definitely not in high school. They all look at least thirty. Second off, we all know the best high school melodrama was The OC, and even then it wasn't that good. One Tree Hill is a ripoff of the OC and a poor one at that.Like our list? Hate our list? Drop a comment so we can engorge our ego, or feast on your displeasure.

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