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Struggles in Iran

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May 4, 2018
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Iran is in a predicament. President Trump is not a fan of the Iran nuclear deals and has vowed to end it when he gets the opportunity on May 12th. Iran...is in a strange situation. The current president, as much as he hates the West, is much more open to the United States and its allies than previous Presidents. That's not really saying much as the real power behind Iran is that of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Leader, who is still vehemently anti-American.Here's where it gets interesting if the nuclear deal is off the table, it would definitely weaken the position of President Hassan Rouhani and the more traditional and hardline anti-American, anti-west sentiment of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei would once again rule the day without opposition in the top echelons of the country. While some may see that as a loss for the United States and its allies, it could go a much different way. As we've seen the United States State Department bring possibly the most repressive regime on Earth, North Korea, to heel with intense saber-rattling, Iran may be walking right into a trap.

Iran Nuclear

With the potential of North Korea coming to a peaceful talk with President Trump, it weakens Iran's position as a rogue nation. If all goes according to plan with North Korea, the world will be witness to the fact that these repressive regimes should not engage in measuring contests with the United States. Taking a hardline stance against the U.S. and driving to the brink of war, actually seemed to work in the favor of the United States as North Korea now seems...placid compared to before.For Iran to go back to a strict and vehement hatred of the west would only paint Iran further into a corner. That corner would be war with the United States or back down. People in power want to stay in power, for Iran to go all hardline again with this administration would be the most foolish thing they could do.


We could be very very wrong, but it looks as if Iran is walking right into a trap!

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