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Successful Missile Test

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
March 26, 2019
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages we present to you, all the way from Vandenberg Air Force Base in sunny Southern(ish) California that which you've all been waiting for...a successful missile defense test. Yesterday, the United States military launched two interceptor missiles from Vandenberg AFB at a target launched from the Marshall Islands waaaayyyyy the f*** out there in the Pacific Ocean. By way the f*** out there we're talking over 4,000 miles away. The ground-based interceptors from Vandenberg royally f***ed up the target.This is a pretty big deal (much like Ron Burgundy) as we talked about in our previous article about the potential of ship-based missiles to target ICBMs and how that might affect the balance of power in the world. The ability of our military to hit an ICBM from over 4,000 miles away is pretty significant. We'd like to compare it to something to give you a frame of reference, but we'd probably do a shitty job...we'll do it anyways.Imagine two guys standing at the goal line of a football field, each with a baseball, then have a third dude standing at the opposite goal line. Now, have the football guy throw the football straight up into the air and before it gets to the apex, have the guys with baseballs throw their baseballs and hit the upward moving football, the second baseball throwing guy should also hit the football after the first baseball hits it. Albeit as confusing as that may be, we're going to guess that it's about that difficult.If we have any missile defense experts, actual missile defense experts, not keyboard warriors who think they are missile defense experts, who would like to correct or verify our example please do.Even if we're wrong, sending supersonic weapons to hit another supersonic weapon in flight...that's no small feat. With our missile defense capabilities improving exponentially by leaps and bounds in recent years, it puts those "near-peer" level adversaries on notice. They may not be immune to a nuclear strike in the event of a World War...f*** we really hope that shit doesn't happen.

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