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Suits for Vets Looking for Work: Save a Suit

Community Support
Community Support
October 11, 2017
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Many military veterans face barriers when transitioning to civilian life. In particular, finding a civilian career after they finish their service can be a challenge. Looking the part and dressing professionally is essential to feeling confident in any job interview. Studies have shown making a good first impression depends a lot on appearance. After wearing the same military uniform for several years, veterans need assistance with looking the part so that they may interview with confidence. Enter Save-A-Suit.Save-A-Suit, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Bethel, CT, has made it their mission to give men and women veterans the resources they need to succeed in the workforce by outfitting them with professional business clothing. The charity was founded by Air Force veteran, Scott Sokolowski in 2010.Despite serving over 3,000 people since 2011, the charity receives thousands of new requests from veterans across the country.


Save-A-Suit has partnered with Raytheon's Integrated Defense Systems Business, a major U.S. defense contractor, to launch their "Ship-A-Suit" program to serve the needs of veterans nationwide. Raytheon recently awarded the organization a $10,000 grant to support the program. "We receive so many requests, but the lack of funds make it a challenge to serve all the veterans who need our services," says Jessica Ewud, Executive Director and Founding Partner of Save-A-Suit. "Shipping suits is costly and the generous gift from Raytheon will help us get on the right track to fulfilling these requests in a timely a manner."The suits will also ship with key interview and resume building tips from Raytheon. "When veterans complete their military service, we want to help provide the confidence they need to obtain valuable careers. The work Save-A-Suit is doing in the community supports that mission and we are excited to be part of it," says Samantha Sullivan, head of Community Relations at Raytheon. Save-A-Suit hosts events quarterly as well as ships suits to veterans nationally. The charity is looking for additional support for their national shipping program. This includes companies who are interested in donating funding or hosting suit drives. Interested corporations or individuals can visit their website at

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