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Syria Shoots Down Russian Plane

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Active Military
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Veteran News
September 18, 2018
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Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and to be quite honest, a little bit funnier than fiction as well. Early this morning a Russian surveillance plane was shot down by Syrian forces. Part of us wants to know who they thought they were shooting at as Israel, the United States, Russia, and Syria are the only ones with any real airpower operating in the region.Russia as we all well know since we've reported on it, beating the absolute dog shit out of this dead horse that is the Syrian conflict, has long been a huge supporter of Bashar Al-Assad and the regime in Syria. You know, the regime that kills its own people and sponsors terrorism and is partnered with Iran. Yeah, that Syria. Usually, you can find Russia supporting Syria in a multitude of ways, from providing training, mercenaries or air power. Today though...Today the Russians helped the Syrians train in a real-life anti-aircraft scenario, we think the training is paying off, as we're pretty sure Vlad was taunting the missile defense sites as he flew around.

"You're not going to get me, you couldn't hit the broad side of Siberia if you had unlimited ammo"

Whereas the Syrian air defense counterparts had just enough of Vlad's shit. We heard interviews from several of the Syrian's who manned that station, they requested anonymity so they would not "get KGBed"."That asshole Vlad is always talking shit and flying around like an asshole.""This is the third time this week he's buzzed us taunting us, we're just down here like do your f***ing job man.""Each time he flies by he flicks us off, trust me, that Sugar-free communist had this shit coming."Russia, Syria and everyone else on their "team", is blaming Israel who had F-16's in the area. Israel responded with the following statement."It's not our fault these slapdicks are shooting their own people. Israel rules, Syria drools."

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