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Texas Independence Day

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Active Military
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March 2, 2018
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Everyone wants to know why Texas thinks it's so cool. Here is why. We are the only state in the Union that was once its own country. Yeah, that's right California! Suck on them eggs! It's Texas Independence Day! So everyone pour a big heaping helping of Merica Bourbon and sit back, relax while we tell you a little bit about the great country...ok ok the State of Texas.Many Texans were not the biggest fans of Santa Anna and his government/dictatorship. Having come from the United States, many settlers were fans of the whole democratic system of the U.S. instead of the control exerted by Santa Anna. Those that didn't immigrate from the United States were equally displeased with the dictator as well. So you know it was about to get real!

Texas Independence

In October of 1835, the residents of Gonzales were like "Hey bro, we're kind of tired of your shit, so we're keeping this cannon." and the Mexican Army was like "You can't do that" to which the Texans replied, "Watch us! Come and take it!" They may or may not have called the Mexican troops the slang term for female dogs. We're not sure, we weren't there. That kicked off the fighting which included famous battles such as the siege of the Alamo, the Goliad Massacre (look it up, then look at the author's name...) and eventually the battle of San Jacinto.Many notable American frontiersmen fought and died for the cause of Texas independence. On March 2nd, 1836 Texas adopted the Texas Declaration of Independence. The siege of the Alamo and battle of Coletto Creek shortly afterwards were decisive Mexican victories. The hope for Texas independence seemed all but lost. However, in April we fought and beat the far numerically superior Mexican army at San Jacinto and captured Santa Anna as well.Victory for Texas!Every since then we've celebrated our unique state the only way Texans should. With raucous debauchery and arrogance that we've earned!

Texas Independence
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