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The Art of Staying in Your Lane

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 14, 2018
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Somewhere we remember the phrase that you should remove the plank sticking out of your own eye before trying to remove the dust from your neighbor. We think we read it in some book somewhere that tons of people really like. Either way, wherever we read it, seems like really good advice. Advice that maybe some people should take before they take to Twitter.I mean we try to stay in our lane here, sometimes we opine and venture outside the metaphorical wire to increase our knowledge and stir the pot because, hell why the f*** not? This will be one of those pot stirring posts. Because as horrible as gun deaths are...medical malpractice is a pretty significant killer too.Don't get us wrong, we love our doctor. Great bedside manner, knows all the names of the parts of the body, assured me that I most definitely will not get superpowers if bit by a radioactive genetically enhanced super spider. However, in our post about how your job doesn't necessarily make you a good person, we talked at length about how your job doesn't get you ethical points. You could be a gigantic piece of shit and have an "honorable" job, doesn't mean you're honorable.That rule applies to everyone, yes yes, even the revered persons that have earned the title of "Doctor" (specifically M.D.). So when doctors wax poetic about the need for gun control while sitting on top of a literal pile of bodies from malpractice, it's quite hard to take them seriously, but if we talked about that, we might be you know, stepping out of our lane. How dare we bring up the fact that gun deaths in the United States to this date (November 14th, 2018) have only produced 12,715 fatalities ( Meanwhile, medical malpractice has caused an estimated 250,000 deaths according to a study done by John's Hopkins and reported by CNBC.But if we did talk at length about it we might be stepping out of our lane and we wouldn't want to do that now, would we? (sarcasm)"And as the ancient Tibetan proverb says 'Don't start none, won't be none!'"

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