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The Best Men and Women Can Get

Community Support
Community Support
January 16, 2019
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Many people are either fuming or salivating over the commercial done by Gillette. We're not so quick to react or to allow our emotions to get the best of us, which is common in this day in age. We're going to attempt to be measured and methodical as we opine on this commercial since everyone wants to weigh in on it.The main issue that we see is that it seems to encourage the thought process that Toxic Masculinity and Masculinity are more or less synonymous.When we think of masculinity or femininity for that matter, the virtues and ideals of each gender come to mind. When it comes to ethics, morality, actions, etc... The very best men are masculine. The very best women are feminine. There is no room for toxicity when it comes to being masculine as those two words could not be more diametrically opposed to one another. Oxymoronic to the highest degree.Much like any false accusation, many are rightly upset, seeing themselves painted with such broad stroke and lumped into a group of degenerates and reprobates because the fervor of the social justice movement blatantly ignores the facts that nobody is perfect. We've all, despite posturing and bravado, made mistakes and hurt people we wish we hadn't. Both men and women across the globe have abused their power since the dawn of time...it will not end because our world is full of corruption and a narcissistic desire to "get mine".Masculine men don't need lecturing by a razor company because masculine men are already doing what should be done(standing up for the innocent, treating people with respect, etc...).This theme while good in theory (we're against bullying and sexual assault and the laundry list of other problems mentioned, what sociopath wouldn't be) and intent is overshadowed by its inability to distance what they call "toxic masculinity" and "masculinity" from each other.Do you want to be the best man or woman you can be? Because if you do, you probably shouldn't be taking (or already aren't taking) your ethical cues from a razor company.

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