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The D.C. Project: Speaking Truth

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Gear + Kits
April 4, 2018
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Do you ever get tired of those who've been elected to represent us saying a plethora of asinine and ridiculous statements about firearms? From "Ghost Guns" to "Assault Rifle" and everything in between, many of us are turned off immediately to anything a representative or senator has to say about guns if they throw out those words. We sit back and say "How can you expect to convince us of the possible merits of your argument if you don't even know the difference between a magazine and a clip?" The level of ignorance is a huge problem. We're not ones to complain about something if we don't have a solution; meet The D.C. Project.A group of ladies from a variety of different backgrounds, upbringings, and political spectrums, all come together to say that if anyone is going to speak about firearms, they at least need to be educated on that subject matter. Their goal is to reach out to legislators and teach them everything from proper nomenclature to proper firearm safety, these women, each with their own powerful story, change minds by simply giving accurate information.

The D.C. Project

The thing about lies and why they're so dangerous is there is always a small grain of truth involved. That grain of truth gets twisted and distorted until it is hardly recognizable. Untangling that misinformation and straightening out the truth is no easy task, but Dianna Miller, the founder of The D.C. Project, is no stranger to a challenge. As a retired Law Enforcement Officer and now a competitive shooter, Dianna has the experience, education, and courage to tackle these challenges head-on. Join the movement, meet with your legislators, teach them, engage them. The only way to defeat lies is with the truth.The D.C. Project is an empowering, strong voice for the 2nd Amendment. Speaking loud and true these women state wisdom in a way that anyone can understand. Pro-gun 2nd Amendment people merely wish to be secure against any attempt for violence to visit them.Afterall what is more precious than life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...

The D.C. Project
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