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The Top Dog Says Failure is Acceptable

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Community Support
July 11, 2017
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Many people in today's society think failure is a horrible, nasty word that means you have lost the race of pursuing your dreams. To be totally honest, when I went bankrupt in 2013, I felt the exact same way! I felt like I was a loser, a disgrace, and a total outcast when I had to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the spring of 2013. Four years later, I have a totally different perspective on the word failure!To me, failure means that you have tried to accomplish your hopes and dreams but fell a bit short of reaching the final destination. More importantly, failure means that you have the opportunity to have learned something, and you are actually one step closer to success!Let me paint the picture of extremely wealthy and successful individuals.... Steve Harvey, The Rock, Tyler Perry, Will Ferrell, just to name a few! They have all openly talked about some type of extreme failure or adversity they have gone through to get where they are today. This is very refreshing and inspiring. Many do not share their trials and tribulations.Does the name Warren Buffet ring a bell? Mr. Buffet is one of the richest men in the world and has a unique perspective on the meaning of the word failure. He thinks that people who have failed at some point in their lives, have learned some valuable lessons, and therefore are more likely to be successful in their next venture. One of his most memorable quotes is, "I will never invest in a business owner, that has not failed at least three times!"If one of the richest men in the world thinks failure is an acceptable part of life, maybe we should all have a different opinion of the word. Now don't get me wrong, if you can go through life and be extremely successful without failing, more power to you! But the reality is, unless you come from money, at some point on your journey to the top, you will be tested by some type of failure moment.If you quit after failing, then all that hard work you did will be for nothing. I live my life by this quote,"Failure is acceptable, not trying is not!" Stick with it and learn from those moments of failure.

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