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There Is No Solving This Issue

Community Support
Community Support
August 5, 2019
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Twice in one weekend. WE'VE GOT TO DO SOMETING...but what? Ever since Cain slew Abel, there has been evil in the hearts of men. Look to other countries who've supposedly "solved" their gun problem, like England for instance, where the knife crime has gotten so bad that they are literally replacing normal kitchen knives for ones with blunt tips to deter knife use in domestic violence.There is no solving this issue. It's probably unpopular and some might even say cold-hearted to write those words before the bodies of the victims are even in the ground, but it's the cold hard truth. No amount of legislation will change someone with this type of ill intent. Look to the drug war and prohibition for examples of how the outright bans have led to more violent crime and a black market for such goods. Hasn't really worked out the way we thought it would.Red Flag laws...we once thought it'd be a decent enough idea...but then it became painfully obvious that due process would get scrubbed and those laws meant to "protect" would be used and abused by everyone from neighbors to the government. They are in fact an abjectly horrible idea.There is no solving this issue, there is only preparing for that's kind of a shitty thing to say one might think. By preparing for it, we don't necessarily intend that we prepare for there to be a mass shooting, but rather that we prepare ourselves to deal with the ugly of this world. Train our minds and our bodies to do something when and if something bad should happen near us. Whether that's shooting back or providing first aid or learning how to wield a chair as a deadly prepared to act.Action always wins versus inaction. Therefore, do something.Does a man who takes a class on CPR hope to use it? No, rather he is aware, that something could happen in our imperfect world where that skill suddenly becomes a necessity for someone else to live. A few months ago, we saw a sharp decline in the number of victims in "mass shooting" events, because people started to fight back. Armed, unarmed, trained or untrained, these people realized that the way to stop the attack was to fight back. So for those of you wondering...what would we be doing if we were ever in a mass shooting?We'd either be shooting back or flinging chairs, staplers, rocks, you name it, at the perpetrator. We'd be providing first aid, stopping bleeding, triaging the wounded...we'd be doing something, we'd be acting.Stop preparing to be a victim, and start preparing to be a victor, because there is no solving the issue of hate and violence in the hearts of our fellow man.

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