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This Week, It's Russia

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
November 5, 2018
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This week it's Russia. The frenemy between the United States and Russia heated up again today as a Russian Su-27 fighter intercepted the U.S. Navy reconnaissance plane, flying in international airspace over the Black Sea. We swear, there has got to be a schedule that these asshats are on. Syria, Iran, China, and Russia seem to have the same calendar where they take turns pissing us off.We're going to put money on it somehow that next week it's China for a week then Syria for weeks or some shit.Can you imagine them all talking in group text plotting mild annoyances and dick moves?China: Should we move one of our destroyers to confront the Americans?Iran: No it's Russia's week to annoy them.Syria: What are you going to Russia?Russia: We'll fly our planes around their planes, like we're drivers from Austin, TX.China, Iran, Syria: Niiiiiiiice.This is the 3rd time this year that the Russian Air Force has played f*** f*** games with our naval aircraft. During the incident, the Russian jet passed close enough in front of the American plane that it forced the reconnaissance plane to fly through the turbulence created. Was that enough for our frenemy, Soviet Union Lite? Nope. He lit his asshole on fire, kicking the afterburners on and causing the aircraft to vibrate.

This week it's Russia

That may not seem like much, but aircraft are finicky things due to that whole annoying gravity shit. Don't we all remember what happened to Goose (Rest in piece, Goose)?Exactly, yeah, the planes got too close to each other, then something breaks, then plane starts to spin like a vinyl and now Goose is dead. See, it's kind of an asshole move to pull by the Ruskies.Fortunately, nothing bad happened to the aircraft. The United States Navy definitely deemed this action officially as "Unsafe".They'd better calm down before we get all Jed Eckert in Red Dawn on their asses.

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