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Tragic Death of Houston Sheriff Deputy Moves Entire Nation

Community Support
Community Support
September 30, 2019
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On Friday, September 27, Houston's Harris County Sheriff Department had one of their deputies shot from behind and killed. Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal was an Indian Sikh who was known both as a "trailblazer" for his community and as a genuinely good person.The Officer was conducting a routine traffic stop when the coward who shot him waited for Dhaliwal to turn around and walk back to his squad car. The person has been apprehended and charged with capital murder, which is what we hope everyone who does something like this gets. Also, we will never write his name in one of our articles because we believe people like him deserve no mention anywhere.Officer Dhaliwal joined the Sheriff's Department in 2009 and in 2015, became the first Sikh authorized to grow his facial hair and wear a turban on duty. This opened the doors for other members to do the same. He was known for brightening his community and shortly after his death was announced, social media and local businesses filled with rememberances of the slain officer.The Twitter account of HCSOTexas shows videos of Dhaliwal laughing and interacting with children. Dhaliwal was also known because he gave back to the community with more than his service. During the hurricanes in Puerto Rico, he actually flew there to help out a fellow officer's family.Dhaliwal also worked with the United Sikhs humanitarian group during Hurricane Harvey to make sure first responders were taken care of. Through and through, it appeared Deputy Officer Sandeep Dhaliwal was 'one of the good ones.'It strikes us hard when we hear of such needless violence toward the members of society sworn to protect citizens. Officer Dhaliwal did not allow his differences to segregate him within the community, but he used them to unite his community and continually showed that differences can bring the people together.We can all learn a deep lesson in this. Public services will be held on Wednesday, October 2nd and information can be found on the aforementioned Twitter page. There are also multiple community remembrances going on this week.We stand with the Harris County community as they mourn the loss of a great man and a revered officer.

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