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Truth Be Told: Someone Wants Us

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
August 28, 2018
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Turkey threatened to put our service members on trial. Okinawa is protesting the military base on the island. Truth be told, someone wants us, it may not be Turkey and it may not be Okinawa (doubt we'll give up either one), but Qatar and Poland are both looking to cozy up to the United States should we so choose.Due to the allegations of collusion (ohhh scary word) between members of the United States Air Force and the rebels which attempted, which are supported by weak evidence, Turkey is leaning more and more towards having Russia as an ally and seemingly looking to get the United States out of Turkey. Turkey, don't be surprised when somehow you end up in the middle of being "annexed" by Russia so they can have a Mediterranean port. It's super far fetched, but Turkey's actions as of late have definitely left the relationship between the two countries sour.Okinawa on the other hand...that's a difficult situation, but Okinawa...we know you don't like us there, but we doubt that we're leaving anytime soon. There is quite a bit of animosity on the island, but the fact remains, it is absolutely strategically vital.

Truth Be Told, Someone Wants Us

All of that being said. If those two countries should oust the United States from those places, there are willing hosts lining up.Poland wants the United States military there to protect against what it rightly sees as the resurgence of Russia (albeit futile resurgence, but hey those Commies are trying). Qatar wants to expand the U.S. presence there as instability in the region increases.While Turkey is extremely strategically important and we're most certainly probably going to keep it, the game they are playing is a dangerous one as Putin is looking to increase Russia's influence in the world arena once again. How else do you explain Turkey being able to get away with the downing of a Russian warplane and the assassination of the Russian Ambassador on Turkish soil, and the two countries not going to war? Clearly, there has been a shift towards Russia despite these two monumental incidents that seem to have been brushed under the rug.

Truth Be Told, Someone Wants Us

Okinawa definitely needs to be manned as well to stem the tide of a growing threat from China eyeing Taiwan.We're not going anywhere, but truth be told if they don't want us, there is a country that does.

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