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Truth Is Treason

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Community Support
October 5, 2018
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Nobody wants the truth anymore. Everyone wants someone to blame. Gone are the days of due process and innocent until proven guilty. Truth is treason in the empire of victims. Yes, we know the original quote goes a little different, but the point remains. Feel free to draw parallels to whatever situation you want, but this has been festering like a gaping wound in our nations social arena for quite some time.We found WMD's in Iraq. It didn't stop people from chanting "No blood for oil." Saddam Hussein killed roughly 400,000 of his own people through genocide, but nobody cared about those truths. We're not going to sit here and Monday morning quarterback that who "should we/shouldn't we" scenario. Despite the truth in that statement, it was ignored. That is but one example, and we use it to illustrate a point. Truth doesn't matter.See the issue isn't even which side you take. The truth of the matter is the when truth dies...so does our chance for growth as a nation. When lies and deceit pollute every aspect of our lives for the mere assurance of some facade of power over the citizenry, nothing becomes sacred.There is a phrase and we're not sure where we heard it (we're certain other variations exist but this is what we heard and we like it with this specific verbiage) it has a place here in this piece,"I would rather die a thousand deaths than live one day in dishonor." - (Unknown, at least to my ill-informed ass)Look, we really don't care what side you're on because at the end of the day if you're on the side of that which is true, then to all those who follow blindly you're committing treason. That your heart is filled with hate and malice towards your fellow man. Truth is treason in the age of mob rule.Like shit man, didn't Superman stand for "Truth, justice and the American way"? Apparently, that has all but disappeared...Sometimes what is true will not be what you want it to be and sometimes it will. But either way, it will never be less true.

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