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Turkish Lawyers Demand Arrest of U.S. Military

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
August 10, 2018
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In what might quite possibly be the dumbest idea Turkey has ever had, several Turkish lawyers are suggesting not only that Turkey arrest several U.S. military personnel, but they should do so by raiding the U.S. forces at Incirlik Air Base, a base owned by Turkish Air Force, utilized by all NATO countries. Incirlik is extremely vital strategically due to it's proximity to Russia and other Middle Eastern hot spots.The reason stems from belief and an assertion that U.S. military personnel were instrumental in planning and support the failed coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2016. Supposedly they have documents that prove this assertion.Two things.One. It is totally understandable that they'd be upset if we tried to overthrow their country. That'd be, totally not ok. But we're going to assume as Americans, that what little "proof" they've offered and we've seen, was in reference to force protection measures to protect the service members on the base should any sectarian violence break out and potentially harm the base and or U.S. Military Personnel stationed there. (Holy run-on sentence, right?)

U.S. Military Personnel

Two. It could be a ploy by Turkey to strengthen its ties with regional ally Russia. Russia has never been a fan of the fact that the United States has nuclear weapons parked right on its doorstep in Turkey. Undermine the U.S. authority, claim they supported a coup against the government. Force the U.S. to withdraw from Turkey. Not super far fetched.In all honesty, given the "ex"- KGB president running the show in Russia, and Edrogan basically becoming a dictator overnight back in 2017, we wouldn't be surprised if Turkey is looking to become more friendly with their neighbors to the north.It would most certainly be a bad play though as Russia has no way of protecting Turkey if the United States should retaliate militarily. Despite years of conflict, the United States still has a decisive edge on pretty much anyone in the world and a raid on U.S. military personnel would definitely be seen as a precursor, if not an actual act of war.

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