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Dealing with Uncomfortable Shooting Situations

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
October 18, 2018
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I fancy myself to be a pretty savvy gunfighter. However, I had to drop my stupid ego when I made a trip up the road from San Antonio to Reveille Peak Ranch to participate in some...uncomfortable shooting. Thanks to our partnership with PBR several veterans from Grunt Style had the chance to go participate in an abbreviated tactical shoot course run by legit operators, with riders and bullfighters from the PBR. They paired the PBR athletes with the veterans in two-man teams for a tactical shoot competition.The veterans were an Army officer, a dual service Marine and Army guy, and then me. Just your run of the mill average terminal lance corporal grunt. The whole time I'm sitting there like,"Bro, I know how to shoot, I'm bout to put on a show for these PBR cats."Then the course came. Shooting at odd angles with the weapon canted. Offhand shooting behind cover and through small little slits. Ensuring my body was as much behind cover as it could get. Damn near eating dirt to get into a position where with my weapon canted, I could engage the targets. It was uncomfortable shooting. I had never been put through such weird body positions in my entire life. Not even when some poor girl took pity on me and took me home with her for the night...but I started to hitHowever, after a bit of practice, and the excellent teaching of the staff at Reveille Peak Ranch and ATX Precision & Carbine what initially felt awkward and out of place, soon started to feel like second nature. Going from it being an uncomfortable shooting position to dropping immediately into the proper, albeit awkward position, while having an elevated heart rate suddenly didn't feel so hard.

Uncomfortable Shooting

After going through this course of fire that challenged my ego, and challenged my increasingly decrepit body I am much more confident in my ability to hit while in stupid awkward unorthodox positions that quite honestly aren't entirely unrealistic. I mean...that is if you don't want your head turned into a canoe or your body turned into a blood fountain.Uncomfortable shooting should be a staple in your training programs. Notice we said uncomfortable, not unrealistic.Once again, we'd like to thank PBR, Reveille Peak Ranch and ATX Precision and Carbine for the chance to team up with the athletes, get great instruction and put rounds down range.

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