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United States and Iran: It's Basically 4th Grade

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Active Military
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April 8, 2019
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Today we decided as a nation that we'd label the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. We're calling them terrorists. In response, Iran will undoubtedly call our military a bunch of terrorists. So basically it's 4th grade all over again with everyone just calling everyone else names.Look. I've said it once and I'll say it before here. We've been monumentally dumb when it comes to Iran. We supported the Shah when it was like...super blatantly obvious that we shouldn't because he was a MAJOR asshole. While some will be quick to point out that he was an avid anti-Communist and anti-Marxist which is like, hey super big points in our book, he was also a tyrant who was corrupt as shit and silenced people all across Iran. He did the normal tyrant thing of imprisoning people that disagreed with him. Hindsight is 20/20 though and we can understand that back in the day any anti-Communist seemed like a good guy in our we're in this stupid ass tit-for-tat name calling bullshit and that's really all it is. Iran stated that if we put the Revolutionary Guard on the terrorist organization master list, that they'd add our military on their list right next to ISIS/Daesh.Like doing any of that actually does anything, on either end.Pay very close attention. World affairs are extremely and eerily similar to playground politicking from elementary school. The world we live in is times...that f***ing dumb.In all honesty, unless we're going to act on them being "terrorists" this just seems childish no matter how spot-on true it is. The Revolutionary Guards are terrorists. Won't catch anyone in Iran saying that though, because they don't want to get shot by the Revolutionary Guard. Ironically though, people can and do talk shit on the United States military branches all the time...and we don't go around killing you for saying that we're crayon eaters or couldn't get into college (some of us didn't want to go to college, we wanted to get our war on. Feel me, son?).

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