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United States to North Korea: Cowabunga It Is

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May 10, 2019
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It's been known and reported on for a while, that North Korea has been skirting the international sanctions placed upon it by the United Nations (not that we're huge fans of the UN, but still they've been acting stupid). They've been using cargo ships to trade offshore and violate their sanctions left and right. So far, nobody has done dick all about it until...yesterday...sort of. Indonesian authorities detained the ship in April and arrested the Captain.The United States has now seized (Indonesia gave it to us I guess) a North Korean cargo ship 'allegedly' involved in violating said sanctions. What surprising is that we've known for quite a few months they've been doing this shit and only NOW after they launched some short-range projectiles and killed some fish in the Sea of Japan...again, the second test of the type in a mere five days. Again, everyone is super impressed with North Korea's ability to kill fish in the Sea of Japan (insert meme of Natalie Portman sarcastically applauding North Korea).

North Korea

The cargo ship, oh man, this name...the "Wise Honest" (how is that for irony) was carrying coal, a valuable commodity used to fund nuclear and ballistic missile programs in the Hermit Kingdom. In addition, the maintenance and operational funds for the vessel may have been (and in a giant f*** you to the US) funneled through our financial institutions, which is a huge f***in' no no.Extreme measures were taken by North Korea to disguise the nationality of the ship since you know...it wasn't supposed to be participating in the coal trade due to UN sanctions.While the timing seems odd, the US officials said, "Nah man, North Korea always doin' dumb shit, it just happened they did some dumb shit right before we filed the motion. Not our fault they always do dumb shit" (probably). What happens next will certainly be interesting to watch as North Korea will most certainly not be pleased that their second largest cargo ship is now a trophy for the United States.If you want to read the complaint filed on the "Wise Honest" click HERE.

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