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United We Stand

Community Support
Community Support
August 9, 2018
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September 11th, 2001. December 7th, 1941. April 12th, 1861. April 19th, 1775. Through it all, united we stand.All of these dates have tested our resolve as a nation. Trials and tribulations have been numerous for our young nation, but somehow we have always come out united as one. Multiple times has violence reared it's ugly head and threatened to rip our nation apart, to see us cower in defeat and to see this great American experiment ended prematurely. It did not happen.

United We Stand

The greatest empire the world had ever seen became tyrannical and patriots answered the call. Uniting thirteen colonies in a war that would see the British Empire defeated and our country born.The civil war, when brother fought brother, the states so at odds that roughly 620,000 lives had to be lost before we were once again reconciled. It was a horrible affair. But our nation came through, better for it. United we stand.An attack that shocked and surprised us, killing 2,403 men and women, crippling our Pacific fleet. Yet we powered through. We picked ourselves up, set to work, united. In the years that followed, despite the initial sucker punch, the United States inflicted such violence upon the enemy that unconditional surrender was the only option the enemy had left. United we stand.Aircraft struck the World Trade Center in New York, and the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. We saw men and women leaping from the tall buildings rather than be burned inside. For the first time, we watched the carnage live. We were filled with righteous and furious anger. Weeks later, we fought to topple the regime who had supported the highjackers. United We Stand.Through our history, many have inflicted what they thought to be fatal wounds on us. Enemies from outside and from within have sought to disrupt this great experiment that we are all a part of. They failed. Even now with our future uncertain, let us never forget, United We Stand.

United We Stand
United We Stand
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