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USS Nautilus: 2

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
January 21, 2019
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In 1954, we kicked off the show with the very first nuclear-powered submarine in existence. The USS Nautilus was launched on January 21st, 1954. With an armament of six torpedo tubes and a crew of one hundred and five sailors, the United States was the first to enter the age of nuclear-powered vessels.Ever since this day in 1954, the world hasn't been the same. We've seen the technology and power of nuclear-powered vessels grow exponentially, with vasty city-like aircraft carriers and quiet deep running nuclear submarines.There is much to say about being the first of its kind. We're sure the sailors aboard the USS Nautilus had some hesitancy to being sealed up hundreds of feet below the surface with a nuclear reactor. We're sure that the following phrase was muttered by a sailor at one point when referencing the nuclear reactor on board instead of the electric and diesel engines they were used to."You want me to go where? And with WHAT on board?" The USS Nautilus was a brave experiment in the realm of nuclear propulsion and technology. It proved to be a massive success as the USS Nautilus was the first vessel to successfully voyage around the North Pole. Given the growing concerns from the Soviet Union and the escalation of the Cold War, the ability of the Nautilus to accomplish this feat was of great tactical importance and put the Soviet Union on notice. They would not complete their own nuclear-powered submarine until 1958.The USS Nautilus earned its place in history by participating in the naval blockade of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962. First nuclear-powered vessel, first to navigate around the North Pole, on hand to witness the potential start of World War 3.Now the USS Nautilus is docked near Groton Connecticut at the Submarine Force Library and Museum. A fitting place of rest for the vessel that paved the way for the United States nuclear Navy!

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